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Auto Insurance

Protecting your vehicle and family is important, and operating a motor vehicle is a privilege. In Missouri, citizens are required, by law, to insure their automobile via coverage capable of covering at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. $10,000 is required for property damage coverage.

Your Plan and You: Auto Insurance Basics

As stated above, Missouri requires consistent coverage. Many liability policies are enforced through state mandates, and your vehicle’s coverage may be suspended if coverage isn’t renewed.

Understandable, your financial lifestyle is important, and maintaining auto insurance is a responsibility. As your independent provider, we intend to provide great, comparable quotes, and the following are basic coverage plans for drivers needing coverage.

Liability Coverage

Your vehicle’s liability coverage pays for damages caused by others. Crashes, bodily injuries and property damages are all covered, and legal bills are nominally covered on a per-accident basis if you’ve caused the event.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

While your health is important, maintaining fiscal protection during unforeseen events is similarly important. Your own vehicle may need repairs, and a great collision deductible can reduce your collision claim check.

Personal Injury Protection

Like liability coverage, personal injury protection is needed to accommodate for medical bill payments. Any expenses suffered through an accident are viable for coverage, and any damages caused may be paid for via a high quality personal injury buffer.

Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Sometimes, other drivers may be uninsured. Understandably, you deserve protection from their faults. Maintaining underinsured or uninsured coverage ensures overall protection, and it’s required in Missouri.

Finding the Best Coverage

As your independent provider, we’re proud to provide a comprehensive index of great coverage options. Effective premiums, great deductibles and entry plans are all options, and finding a plan to suit your lifestyle needn’t be difficult. We’re always ready to help, and we believe your vehicle’s cash value can be both covered and protected.